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Product Series: GSM
Air conditioning: 地/水源热泵
Refrigerant: R22、R134A
Power system: 380V/3N~/50Hz
Energy Section: 600~2200kW(R22)、370~2700kW(R134A)
Product Series: VKC WR
Air conditioning: 地/水源热泵
Refrigerant: R22、R410A
Power system: 220V/50Hz、380V/3N~/50Hz
Energy Section: 8~160kW(AA、AI)、12~60kW(NN、NI)
Product Series: WACM(Y型)
Air conditioning: 风冷热泵
Refrigerant: R410A
Power system: 380V/3N~/50Hz
Energy Section: 65kW/130kW
Product Series: FC TD
Air conditioning: 末端机组
Power system: 220V/50Hz
Energy Section: 340~1020m³/h
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